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Weaving on a triangle loom

The first in our new weaving series

Learn the basic skills of weaving on a triangle loom to create triangle shape pieces of weaving that you can join together to make a scarf, or a bigger triangle piece for a larger shawl or plan to make purses, vests, blankets and skirts.
We will explore:
1) Creative texture, type and color of yarn to blend together
2) Discussion on how to build different sizes of triangle Loom
3) How to join smaller pieces to make a bigger triangle or rectangle scarf/shaw

Weaving on a triangle loom

Bigfork Art / Cultural Center

We are an creative and educational hub in Bigfork that inspires people of all ages through a wide variety of workshops, lectures, and learning opportunities. BACC shares cultures through art and story stewardship. This is BACC’s way of bridging the connection between our past and the future we wish for our children, ourselves, and our world. As determined by the Internal Revenue Service Code, Bigfork Art and Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 organization, exempt from federal income tax. Bigfork Art and Cultural Center's tax identification number is 366212000. 

525 Electric Avenue
Bigfork, Montana


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