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Learn to paint with Cold Wax and Oil


Multiple Day workshop with Pamela Beer

November 16th-November 19th, 9:00AM-4:00PM

This course is for artists who want to learn tools, techniques, and how to layer with oil and cold wax. This is a great way to push your creativity and loosen up with non traditional tools and techniques. Emphasis will be on creating paintings that have a surface history, a powerful compositional design, and some unique color mixes.Students will work on wood panels and oil paper to do various exercises that explore color mixes, design, and expression. Discussion and demos, painting time, and individual critique and encouragement are provided.

Students must purchase their own materials and supplies. Wooden frames will be provided. 

Learn to paint with Cold Wax and Oil

Homeschool Integrated Art Program


Art-infused learning for K-3

6 week hands on integrated art session, meets each Thursday (skips Thanksgiving week.

Homeschool Integrated Art Program

Bigfork Art / Cultural Center

We are an creative and educational hub in Bigfork that inspires people of all ages through a wide variety of workshops, lectures, and learning opportunities. BACC shares cultures through art and story stewardship. This is BACC’s way of bridging the connection between our past and the future we wish for our children, ourselves, and our world. As determined by the Internal Revenue Service Code, Bigfork Art and Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 organization, exempt from federal income tax. Bigfork Art and Cultural Center's tax identification number is 366212000. 

525 Electric Avenue
Bigfork, Montana


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