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Past Exhibit

Elizabeth Showachert & Kim Filiaggi

Threads of Life and Landscapes

Kim and Elizabeth’s partnership melds two distinct artistic styles, resulting in a collection of meticulously crafted ceramics that showcase the natural beauty of Montana wildlife. 
With her expert throwing and glazing skills, Kim leads the way in this collaboration. Residing in Bigfork, MT, Kim is a seasoned professional known for her precise technique and dedication to her craft. Each piece she creates embodies nature's essence and showcases her mastery and personal touch. 
Complementing Kim's pottery expertise is Elizabeth's hand-painted original sgraffito imagery, which adds a unique layer of artistry to this collaborative work. Nestled in Montana's scenic landscapes, Elizabeth draws inspiration from the beauty surrounding her. Her designs, seamlessly blend with Kim's pottery, creating pieces that represent a harmonious fusion of nature and artistry. 
This collaboration reflects a commitment to excellence in their respective roles and a shared passion for highlighting the beauty of nature.

Bigfork Art / Cultural Center

We are an creative and educational hub in Bigfork that inspires people of all ages through a wide variety of workshops, lectures, and learning opportunities. BACC shares cultures through art and story stewardship. This is BACC’s way of bridging the connection between our past and the future we wish for our children, ourselves, and our world. As determined by the Internal Revenue Service Code, Bigfork Art and Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 organization, exempt from federal income tax. Bigfork Art and Cultural Center's tax identification number is 366212000. 

525 Electric Avenue
Bigfork, Montana