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Past exhibits

Cultures and Lands in Transition as seen through the Lens of Bruce Miller

Award winning photographer

Celebrated Photographer

Bruce Miller is a native Montanan now Idaho-based professional photographer and owner of Naturally Wild Photography®

Exhibit Description – Our Shared World

This exhibit features three primary subjects, namely, Wildlife - Shared Habitat, Water is Life, and Cultures and Traditions. Together these form Our Shared World and exist in harmony with one another. Inevitably conflict arises for natural resources or the inability to sustain critical shared resources. However, seeing the power of each help focus our attention of ongoing need to preserve and protect all.

Wildlife - Shared Habitat

Highlights wildlife from several continents and species including Africa, Borneo, and India from my numerous conservation and personal projects.

Water is Life

Features the earth’s water sources from Antarctica and the Artic region of Greenland and Iceland, to the tropical Pacific Ocean and central American Atlantic Ocean Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.

Cultures and Traditions

This is a collection highlighting three cultures, the tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia, Burmese, and tribes of Papua New Guinea. Each culture and tribe is characterized by unique languages, traditions, and ways of life based on their customs and environments.


Artist Bio

I’m drawn to the people, places and landscapes the challenge my imagination and break my preconceptions.  One photographic subject frequently leads to another or a new story I want to tell. My exhibited work represents three distinct focus areas of my photography interest yet shares a simple commonality, namely, the wonders of our planet, its people, and life forms.  While initially photographing wildlife and landscapes, I began to have more interactions with the native residents of these areas, their cultures and traditions and that quickly became the focus of many new projects.  Documenting the traditions of indigenous peoples that are in transition to a more modern world allowed my visual preserve these cultures through storytelling and experience their power firsthand.  At the same time, I realized the importance not only of capturing the many details in these traditions but also showing the environments where these cultures thrived and were reliant upon.  The most essential element of these environments is water in its many forms which are also featured.

My hope is that those who experience this exhibit will come away with a closer connection to our shared world regardless of our cultures and traditions or where we happen to call home.         

Exhibit runs Dec 15th- Feb 28th

Workshops, Lectures and activites will be announced soon!


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