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Sqelixʷ ‘Salish’ Storytelling w/ Cameron and Aspen Decker


Sponsored by Humanities Montana: Conversation Series

Sqelixʷ ‘Salish’ Storytelling incorporates Salish Language, Plains Indian Sign Language, and storytelling to discuss Salish cultural, identity and values. This presentation teaches Indigenous understandings about native storytelling, and connection with the land. Aspen and Cameron Decker focus on teaching about Salish place names/Montana geography, art, and the Salish seasonal round. Coyote stories are told throughout the winter months. In the warmer months, the presentation focuses on Salish anthology.

During the course of Sqelixʷ ‘Salish’ Storytelling , Aspen and Cameron Decker speak about storytelling, the life lessons that they teach, and Indigenous geographical knowledge of Montana and Salish aboriginal territory. This presentation also introduces the culture behind oral traditions and Salish seasonal protocol. Together both speakers incorporate and speak Salish Language and Plains Sign Language associated with the stories with students, during their program.

Sqelixʷ ‘Salish’ Storytelling w/ Cameron and Aspen Decker

Bigfork Art / Cultural Center

We are an creative and educational hub in Bigfork that inspires people of all ages through a wide variety of workshops, lectures, and learning opportunities. BACC shares cultures through art and story stewardship. This is BACC’s way of bridging the connection between our past and the future we wish for our children, ourselves, and our world. As determined by the Internal Revenue Service Code, Bigfork Art and Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 organization, exempt from federal income tax. Bigfork Art and Cultural Center's tax identification number is 366212000. 

525 Electric Avenue
Bigfork, Montana